Rebecca, Parent 

Alef Academy has a great curriculum, it has been amazing to see how much my children have progressed. The best part of the school is the caring teachers that take a real interest in each student. We have also enjoyed many family friendly events that bring the entire community together. Thank you Alef Academy

Mother,Yehoshua and Rivka 

Of all the Hebrew Schools in the neighborhood I'm pleased to say that i choose the perfect one! From the loving, caring, and knowledgeable staff and teachers. To the outstanding method of teaching that cannot be compared. Every one of the staff members are so accommodating to make a safe and happy environment for our children. Thank you! 


Rosita, Parent 

My daughter, has been going to Alef Academy for 2 years now, and I am very proud of how much she has advanced in her Hebrew studies. Going to Hebrew school on Sundays has become the highlight of her week.  In addition to learning how to read Hebrew diligently, she is learning  about Jewish spirituality, ethics, and  holidays. She is also learning the importance of the Torah, the Parashas, and much more. Alef Academy is an enriching program that has incorporated lots of love and individual attention to each student, helping them to  advance higher in their  Hebrew studies. I am pleased with the staff and especially grateful to her teacher who has taught my daughter how to read Hebrew with lots of love. 

This past year at Alef Academy Hebrew School was amazing! I learned
so much in one year, that I never knew was possible. I cant wait to go back! I've grown so much and there is endless possibilities of what I can learn next. It is also nice to learn Hebrew because it can take you far in life. Thank you!

Kianna,student at Alef Academy 


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